Our popular summer cards are now available. With the summer card you can play tennis, badminton, padel, squash and table tennis at a favorable price.

  • Racket games on indoor courts  at TARGA arena June 23 – August 13: price 185€
  • Tennis on outdoor tennis courts May-August: price 185€
  • Racket games on indoor courts TARGA arena + on outdoor tennis courts: price 235€

The summer card is valid for the whole family. All family members can therefore use the summer card, but the reservation needs to be made in the name of the person who purchased the summer card. With the summer card you can play racket games for up to 6 hours a week. Please note, that when you purchase a summer card for outdoor tennis courts you need to be a member of Grani Tennis.

Targa arena’s own outdoor tennis courts will open in the immediate vicinity of the hall during the summer of 2023.

Warmly welcome!