In order to make everyone feel comfortable and safe during the sports activities, we have drawn up a few guidelines that we hope everyone who visits the arena will follow.


  • Let’s work together to keep the facilities tidy and clean. Always clean up after yourself and return the equipment you have used to their own places. Thank you!
  • Please inform the staff at the customer service desk of any discrepancies.
  • Children always move around at the arena under the responsibility of their parents. Please make sure that the kids do not bother other players.
  • There’s a recycling point for rubbish downstairs (plastic, metal, bottles, balls).
  • Enter the arena through the main entrance. When the arena is closed, you can enter to play with your own code that you received at the time of booking.
  • Only sport-appropriate clean indoor sports shoes are allowed on the courts.
  • Sales activities without permission are prohibited on the premises.
  • Recording video surveillance is in use at the arena.



  • To book a court please visit
  • We appreciate online payment in advance.
  • If you choose to pay at the customer service desk, we hope that, if possible, only one player will pay for the court and the others will pay their share to him/her.


  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to enter the courts in outdoor shoes!
  • Throwing the racket is absolutely not allowed. The surface of the court will easily get damaged or broken.
  • Please leave the court tidy for the next players. Collect the balls and take bottles and other trash to the trash bin.


  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to enter the courts in outdoor shoes!
  • Please leave the court tidy for the next players. Take loose feathers etc. to the trash bin.
  • There are three lutes for cleaning the courts. Clean the lute after use and take the dust and trash with a dirt shovel to the trash bin. Do not leave any trash on the edges for the next players.
  • Take bottles and cups to the trash bin.
  • If you lower the net for pickleball, for instance, please return the net to badminton height after the game.


  • You can play table tennis on the badminton or squash courts.
  • Nets and rackets are available at the customer service desk. Please return them there after the game.
  • Open and close the table tennis table with care.



  • The lockers in the changing rooms are locked with your own padlock. Locks are for sale at the customer service desk.
  • The arena is not responsible for property left in the lockers.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages in the changing rooms is prohibited according to law.


  • You can use the physics training area to warm up before a game.
  • The area can be rented for a separate fee for individual and group training.
  • Use of the equipment is allowed only with the permission of the coach.


  • The arena is not responsible for items left at the premises. Lost property is stored under the stairs and taken to a recycling center four times a year.


  •  The parking hall is free of charge for the customers of the arena.
  • If you wish to park overnight, please visit the customer service desk in advance to make the payment.
  • We also offer long-term parking for a fee. Further information at the customer service desk.
  • For unauthorized parking there’s a 100€ penalty fee.

We wish you a nice and safe playing!