Over the past few years we have already made many investments at the arena in order to save energy:

  • the lights inside the arena are LED lamps.
  • we use geothermal heating on the new side and district heating on the old side.
  • our saunas are equipped with Saunasampo smart stoves, which in standby mode consume approximately 1-3 kWh, while normal electric sauna stoves consume approximately half their power (e.g. a 20 kW sauna stove consumes approx. 10 kW).
  • we have reduced the air conditioning during times when the arena is less used. We continue to optimize the air conditioning and temperature.
  • the heat recovery system on both the new and old sides saves heating costs.
  • the courts are equipped with water-based radiant floor heating .
  • the lighting on courts, in public areas on the new side and the parking garage work with motion sensors.

Future investments:

  • the lights on the courts will be regulated according to the booking calendar.

Sauna fee

  • 5 €/person for those who only wish to visit the sauna and shower without excercise.

Warmly welcome!