Targa arena has 5 inside tennis courts with high quality elastic Green Set Comfort couting with underfloor heating. In addition, Targa arena offers 2 new outside tennis courts with Pavitex TOP Clay couting and outdoor lightning. During the summer period you can also book outside tennis courts run by the city of Kaunianen via the arena.

FARES outside courts

Targa arena’s outside tennis courts (2 courts)

TOP Clay

25 €/h
20 €/h GT members

The City of Kauniainen’s outside tennis courts (3 courts)

Address: Asematie 24, Kauniainen

Arificial sand grass

20 €/h
15 €/h GT members

The racketsports hall and Grani Tennis ry offers different and high quality tennis services for children, youngsters and adults. For more information look at www.granitennis.fi

Book a court online


  • A random lesson
  • A permanent lesson

Grani Tennis ry.:

  • GT Tennis – and racketsports school for schoolchildren in the afternoons
  • Mini/midi tennis lessons for 4-7 years old
  • Juniortennis for 8-18 years old
  • Groups for juniors that compete
  • Training for adults and Private lessons
  • Doubles for adults

In the summer

  • Summer camps for children and youngsters
  • Minitennis and Teen Tennis
  • Intensive courses for adults


  • Norpe Tennis series
  • Series games on Saturday evenings
  • National tournaments for juniors and adults
  • Business tennis
  • Do you want  a private lesson or do you want to participate in the trainings? Look at www.granitennis.fi


Weekdays 7am-4pm 24 €/h
Weekdays 4pm-10pm 38 €/h
Weekdays 10pm-11pm 20 €/h
Saturdays 9am-9pm 32 €/h
Sundays 9am-11pm 38 €/h
Weekdays 7am-4pm 15 €/h
Weekdays 10pm-11pm 15 €/h
Rental racket* 3€

* Please note: rental rackets are available only during the customer service desk’s opening hours, check the times here.

Grani Tennis members are entitled to a 5 euro reduction per hour on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.; other times the reduction is 2 euros.

Portable Slinger Bag tennis ball launcher now available for rent:
10€/h, 8€/h for Grani Tennis members. Please note: rent of the Slinger bag doesn’t include the court which must be booked separately.


Book your own permanent  lesson and you get to play regularirly every week at the time that fits you. You can book the hour as a private person or as a Company for your employees or for your partners. You need to be a Grani Tennis member in order to book a permanent lesson.

By booking a permanent hour you get 2 euro off from the normal price. Be in touch with us and we help you find your own hour.