On the squash and badminton courts we also play table tennis

We have eight table tennis tables in the hall. As we have so many tables we can easily arrange competitions and tournaments. Table tennis is played on either squash or badminton courts. You can borrow paddles from the customer service desk. Please note: rental paddles and nets are available only during the customer service desk’s opening hours, check the times here.

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Granipingis ry. is active in the hall and you can take part in the training and in the events that the club organizes.
For more information contact the chairman Matti Linforsilta, matti.lindfors@kolumbus.fi,  040-5549935.


Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in Amerika. In Finland Pickleball is a new  social, sporty, addictive and fun racketsport that combines tennis, badminton and table tennis in a new way. Pickleball suits people in all ages and in different shapes. You can very fast learn the the basics of the game.

You can play pickleball as single or as doubble on the badmintoncourts with the net down as in tennis. The racket is hard and short and the ball is about the same as in floorball but softer.

You can play pickleball as a nice social game or as a hard and physical game that needs fast reflexes. It is easy to start playing pickleball and very fast you get the feeling of success. Pickleball is also perfect for older people or for those whose body can not take harder exersice

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He who have brought Pickleball to Finland also plays in our hall many times a week. New players can come on Saturdays at 9am-11am when we have an open pickleball hour for everybody. Pickleball Finland also organizes cources for beginners.

You can easily book a court and rent reckets and balls from from the reception. NB! The ball can easily roll over to the badmintoncourt beside your court and can disturb the badmintonplayers. You can play pickleball on all five badmintoncourts.

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Contact: Tuomo Antikainen, Pickleball Finland, info@pickleballfinland.fi, tel. 040 550 1890.