TARGA Arena’s range of racket games has increased with three bright padel fields. The playing surface is a high-quality Mondo Supercourt Curled Turf (green). The field height is 8-9 m. Members of Grani Tennis are automatically also padel members and get a discount on the courts.

Seasonal reservation enquiries: targaarena@targaarena.fi

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We also offer padel couching!

For further information and prices please contact the couches:

Visa Tarjanne
Finnish, English

Veera  Nurmi
Finnish, English

Ville Hukkinen
Finnish, Swedish, English


Weekdays 7am-4pm 26 €
Weekdays 4pm-11pm 42 €
Saturdays 9am-9pm 36 €
Sundays 9am-11pm 36 €
GT member discount -2 €
Student price weekdays 7am-4pm 20 €
Family price 20 €
Rental racket* 5 €

The family price is valid Monday-Friday before 4pm and Saturday-Sunday.

Seasonal reservation discount -2€.

* Please note: rental rackets are available only during the customer service desk’s opening hours, check the times here.