Targa arena / Grani Tennis ry

Ullanmäentie 21
02750 Espoo


Mon-Thu 7-22.30
Fri 7-21
Sat 9-21
Sun 9-22.30

Bookings: 09-84934310
mail: targaarena@targaarena.fi

NB! When the cash desk is closed you can book a court and come and play with your own telephone code through the side-door. Just check from the cash desk in advance that your code is accurate.

Executive manager

Kirsi Lassooy
0400 783249


The location of the hall is very central on the bound between Espoo and Kauniainen. You can easily get to the hall walking, by bike, by car or by train to Koivuhovi trainstop (about 350m from the hall). By the hall there are good parking space.